Welcome to Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena!

Where Family Fun and Fitness come together in a whole new way!

Concerned Fathers Become Creative Inventors

Searching for appropriately entertaining and safe places to take their kids, fathers Mark Gurley and Al Palladino were growing increasingly disappointed in the lack of venues offering exciting, athletic experiences for teens. Mark, who had been a professional fighter and pro-athlete for 16 years, knew that walkingaround a mall was boring for kids and did nothing to burn off their excess energy.

Al, who had been working with AT&T for the past 15 years, was tired of wasting money taking his daughter to overpriced movie theaters and theme parks. Mark and Al could clearly see that teens were in danger of developing unhealthy habits that would only lead to physical ineptitude, but what could they do about it?

After much creative confab, they decided a colossal indoor trampoline arena was exactly what families and people of all ages needed for exercise, amusement, and revitalization. They would create a safe haven for kids that was both athletic and entertaining, while also captivating parents and attracting adults who would keep bounding back for more!

Bounding in a Completely New Direction through
Ingenious Innovation

When Mark and Al decided to open Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena, they treated it like a mission. They poured their hearts into creating a truly unique, boldly athletic, family-oriented entertainment venue focused upon safe, physical activity and extreme, high flying action for all ages. They started brainstorming: How could the old basic trampoline model be revamped? How could it be bigger and better than anything anyone’s ever seen or experienced?

Seeking answers, they jumped on the fast track and started investigating trampoline parks of yesteryear, while educating themselves about marketing, operations, and necessary technologies.

You Can’t Just Slap a Few Springs Together

During their research, Mark and Al were appalled to discover there were no set standards for trampoline parks, and they found several safety flaws in the designs of other jump parks. Understanding how accident prone kids can be, the dads knew their park had to have a clear commitment to safety. Combining his educational background in architectural design and engineering, Mark set out to design the most advanced trampoline system the industry had ever seen.

After witnessing the creation and completion of their gargantuan trampoline arena, Mark and Al proudly bestowed Rebounderz with the slogan “Superior Engineering, Maximum Safety.”

The Public Agrees and Rebounderz Expands Rapidly

With the technical and entertainment aspects of the business model perfected, it was time to advertise! Mark and Al mesmerized their consumer base through guerrilla marketing that promoted Rebounderz as the ideal  place for birthday parties, family gatherings, and office get-togethers, as well as a safe haven for teenagers. In July of 2008, Rebounderz’s Grand Opening was remarkably successful. Within two weeks, lines of jump enthusiasts were literally extending out the door! Mark and Al were jumping for joy and soon expanded the building to 18,000 sq. ft. to accommodate the massive influx of guests and birthday groups. After all, they were catering to 1,000 jumpers per day and needed to give them adequate elbow room!

Rocketing into a Bright Future with 21st Century
Trampoline Technology

It wasn’t long before people started approaching Mark and Al asking if they were franchising. It was then they realized they had the ideal business for franchising. They started preparing for rapid expansion by examining and documenting every aspect of the Rebounderz model. After additional research and development, and careful documentation, Al and Mark took their model to the finest franchise attorneys, consultants, and accountants to add the final touches and prepare them for national expansion. With everything in place Rebounderz is seeking great partners to help expand their franchise business throughout the United States and internationally